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Executive Coaching

Social Justice Associates offers Executive Coaching for Business Leaders, Educators, Healthcare Professionals, Non-Profits, Human Resources Professionals, and Legal Professionals.


Executive Coaching

Social Justice Associates' Executive Coaching helps leaders across all types of organizations improve equity and inclusion goals and practices.  We are unique because we convene more than three decades of experience building strategy and implementing feasibility studies and evaluations to improve equity and inclusion outcomes across business, education, health care, legal, and non-profit settings.  Our Executive Coaching is informed by evidence-based models, our experience as strategic leaders and certified restorative justice and mediation facilitators, and our expertise in quantitative and qualitative methodologies to guide goal setting, metrics and evaluation, and ideas to test locally.  We offer virtual and in person DEI coaching, DEI business case coaching, anti-bias coaching, equity coaching, allyship coaching, race and gender bias consultation, race and gender equity consultation, and listening sessions.    


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Race Relations and Gender Bias Executive Coaching