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Successful DEI education/training is inclusive, ongoing, flexible, sensitive to the experiences of participants, and emanates from the organization’s DEI strategy and culture building plan. 


SJA designs and facilitates educational programs that are inclusive, tailored to the organization’s goals and lived experiences in the room, and promote a safe, healthy learning environment.  Our approach is unique in that we recognize that building proficiency in DEI-related concepts (e.g., unconscious bias) involves a lifelong (supportive) process of mindfulness cultivation and skills building practice.  We therefore use a lens of inclusivity and supportive socialization (rather than shaming). 


When addressing bias, power, privilege, oppression, and the “ism’s” (e.g., ableism, sexism, racism), SJA’s award-winning facilitators engage participants in exploring three levels of organizational culture (Schein, 2017):  

  • Visible artifacts and observed behaviors

  • Espoused beliefs and values, which may or may not be congruent with behaviors

  • Underlying assumptions, or unconscious taken-for-granted beliefs and values


Sample training programs offered by SJA:

  • Four-part certificate in equity and inclusion 

  • Inclusive leadership 

  • Mitigating gender bias

DEI Testimonials...

Dr. Bonomi’s program was excellent in creating a comprehensive process which will allow our organization to maintain our DEI growth and practices in the long-term. I have seen DEI in many organizations be approached with an online learning program and nothing else.


Dr. Bonomi tailors the process to the specific needs of your organization to not only educate us but also to build a foundational structure to continue with DEI practices. We are grateful for Dr. Bonomi’s expertise, flexibility, and openness during this journey and cannot recommend Social Justice Associates enough.

Michaela, Human Resources Director, Boulder Medical Center

Coworkers Talking on Video Conference

The DEI certification was powerful in that it helped me to deepen my understanding of how to be an ally, uphold equity and inclusion in the workspace and with my clients, and taught me new ways to apply these learnings to my day-to-day. This course would be extremely beneficial to anyone who is wanting to learn more about DEI, the importance of it, and how to take action and uphold these principles in their work and life. Dr. Bonomi is an exceptional facilitator who takes on new perspectives of what DEI is and encourages students in the class to discuss these important topics in a safe and inclusive manner. This course is for anyone who wants to deepen their learning of DEI and wants to do the work to be a true ally.

Stef, Founder, PRIZM Coaching

Coworkers Talking on Video Conference

Dr. Amy Bonomi and Dr. Dionne Stephens led a fantastic three-part workshop on “The Art and Practice of Active Allyship”.  They discussed understanding awareness of unconscious bias, microaggressions, and social identities, how we can take action to influence active allyship, and translating our ideas and thoughts into measurable goals.


Their training was engaging and open-minded, allowing others to ask questions freely and express their thoughts and ideas, and was rich with knowledge in multiple aspects of DE&I.  I was personally impacted by this session and will take with me what I learned to promote allyship for all people, inside and outside of the workplace. 

Meaghan, Global Technology Talent Access Strategy Leader, DuPont

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